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Please be aware that the public restrooms in DC can be unpleasant AND you might encounter very weird individuals in them. If it's at all possible, take a buddy in with you. We've indicated which restrooms tend to have National Park Service rangers in the vicinity -- if anything should happen to you or someone in your party, notify them immediately.
You should also expect that there will be no paper towels and often no toilet paper in public restrooms. We suggest you always carry tissues or something similar just in case.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Building Location: 14th Street, 1/2 block south of Independence Avenue
Restroom Locations:
Main: Walk down the staircase by the "Daniel's Story" exhibit; ahead of you is an open area with a staircase leading to the auditorium; cross the open area; restrooms are down the short hall ahead of you
Secondary: Walk down the staircase by the "Daniel's Story" exhibit; to your right is a hallway that leads to the "Children's Wall of Tiles"; additional restrooms are down the hallway at the end of the exhibit
Others: There are restrooms on every level of the permanent exhibit located as you leave each floor.
COMMENTS: Winners of KittyTours's "Golden Toilet" award for most attractive restrooms in DC tourist areas

Washington Monument Building Location: 15th Street at National Mall
Restroom Locations:
Main: On either side of the small stone building near the path to the monument are public restrooms.
COMMENTS: Three stalls, usually a line, usually short of toilet paper.

Constitution Gardens Building Location: 19th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
Restroom Locations:
Main: Walk toward the lagoon, take the path to the right. You'll see the refreshment stand. Continue up the path to your right to the brown building. The men's room is on the far side.
COMMENTS: Possibly the nastiest public restrooms in DC, but if ya gotta go...

Lincoln Memorial/ Korean War Veterans Memorial/ Vietnam Veterans Memorials Building Location: 23rd Street at the National Mall
Restroom Locations:
Main: Face the statue of Lincoln. To the left of the steps leading to the statue is a pathway that leads UNDERNEATH the Memorial. The area underneath has restrooms and a nice multimedia exhibit on Lincoln and the Lincoln Memorial.
COMMENTS: Reasonably clean. Do NOT go to the trailer behind the refreshment stand. That is the summer headquarters of Tourmobile and does not include public restrooms.

Union Station Building Location: Columbus Circle (1st Street and Massachusetts Avenue, NE)
Restroom Locations:
Main: Walk all the way through the station until you reach the train departure gates. The men's room is located at Gate A; the women's room is located at Gate G.
Secondary: On the lower level in the Food Court area, go down the hallway next to the Sweet Shop. There are restrooms at the end of this hallway.
COMMENTS: Both are usually very busy. The main restrooms near the train gates are usually well-kept; the restrooms on the Food Court level are never very clean.
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