DC Tour Guide's Photo Quizzes

This section of the Tour Guide's Guide helps you review photos of DC
in preparation for the DC Tour Guide Exam.
You will have a few seconds to identify each photo before a caption appears.
When you have finished a quiz, you should close that window to return to this page.

Good luck!

Need help?
All of the statues in these quizzes appear on KittyTours's website,
Who Is That Man, Anyway?,
along with locations and detailed histories and biographies.
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Tour Guide Basic Quiz
The Basic Quiz includes 21 photos of common memorials and buildings in DC which have appeared on past exams.

Master Quizzes
These are a little tougher but you'll encounter most of them as you travel around DC.

Allegories and Curiosities
Allegorical statues and curious memorials from all around town.

NOTE: The Photo Quizzes may require the program Shockwave 8 for viewing.
(If you don't have Shockwave 8 installed, the program will give you instructions for downloading it.)

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