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Nickname: Buckeye State
Admitted to the Union in: 1803
Capital: Columbus

Congressional Delegation:
Senator: Mike DeWine (R)
Senator: George Voinovich (R)
Number of members of House delegation: 19

Statues in National Statuary Hall Collection:
James A. Garfield (1831-1881)
Civil War general, member of the U.S. House, 20th President
Sculpted by Charles H. Niehaus (Marble)
Location: Rotunda

William Allen (1803-1879)
Member of U.S. House, U.S. Senator, Governor of Ohio
Sculpted by Charles H. Niehaus (Marble)
Location: Statuary Hall, West Side

Other State Connections: All three of the statues honoring individuals on the West side of the Capitol are Ohio natives: James A. Garfield, Ulysses S. Grant and Robert A. Taft; William Howard Taft, one of only two Presidents buried at Arlington, was from Ohio; Ohio is one of only two states that do not have avenues named for them (Ohio has a drive); Gen. James McPherson (McPherson Square) was born in Ohio; Nicholas Longworth (Longworth HOB) was Speaker of the House and member from Ohio for 20 years

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