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Statue / monument of  Peace Meeting in Washington DC by Sculptor  Unknown  Subject:  Peace Meeting
 Year: 0
 Sculptor:  Unknown
 Location: Pershing Park
( Pennsylvania & 15th )

The Willard Hotel has been the site of a number of interesting and/or historic events. This plaque on the front of the Hotel serves as a reminder of a secret meeting held from February 4 to27, 1861by 21 of the 34 states in the Union to try to resolve the differences between the North and the South. The meeting was held at the suggestion of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Sadly, the meeting failed. By the time Lincoln was inaugurated five days later, seven states had resolved to secede from the Union. Less than two months later, the Civil War began.

The plaque was placed by the Virginia Civil War Commission and "honor[s] those who worked for peace and unity."

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