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Statue / monument of Olive Risley Seward in Washington DC by Sculptor John Cavanaugh  Subject: Olive Risley Seward
 Year: 1971
 Sculptor: John Cavanaugh
 Location: Capitol Hill
( North Carolina & 6th )

For some unknown reason, the sculptor wanted to commemorate a member of the family of Secretary of State William H. Seward (best known for his support of "Seward's Folly", which led to the purchase of Alaska) and he settled on Seward's daughter Olive as his subject. He had no portrait or photograph to work from, so he simply sculpted a Victorian lady. Later, when a photograph of Ms. Seward was found, it appeared that he had succeeded in capturing a likeness of her.

The statue stands in the front yard of a private residence but is placed so she is looking toward Seward Square, named for her father.

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