DC Movies Hall Of Fame

Bear... for sitting through dozens of DC Movies without complaint

dcdg21... for bringing "I Think I Do" to our attention and for arranging our first DC Movies talk at the Chevy Chase branch of the DC Public Library

fredefrekl... for giving us a heads-up on the University of Maryland's appearance
in "St. Elmo's Fire"

Gilda of Gilt-Edge Tours... for telling us about the Potomac Boat Club scene
in "Enemy Of The State" (in which her son has a cameo appearance!)

zeitlins... for finding an Adams-Morgan scene in "Dave"

Stacy... for confirming our sighting of 5th and D Streets, NW, in "Murder at 1600"

Turner of the Audio-Visual Collection of DC Public Library's Martin Luther King Branch ... for supplying us with movies, Books On Tape and encouragement

Phyllis and Mr. Pitt... for identifying 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW as the headquarters of the news division in "Broadcast News"

Lisa... for playing tourist and hiking up and down the Exorcist Stairs with us

lmflippen... for identifying East Capitol as a DC filming location

Dave Meikle... for finding scenes in "The Recruit"

Members of the Georgetown Senior Center... for sharing their memories of DC between the wars and filling us in on the "temporary buildings" on the Mall

Thanks to our helpers! You're all stars!

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