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Statue / monument of Lajos Kossuth in Washington DC by Sculptor  Unknown  Subject: Lajos Kossuth
 Sculptor:  Unknown
 Location: Dupont Circle
( Q Street & 20th )

Kossuth (1802-1894) was a champion of Hungarian independence. He practiced law when young and became a political journalist, for which he was imprisoned. He travelled to the United States in 1848 to seek support and addressed a number of state legislatures during his visit. He served as provisional governor of Hungary but resigned due to internal strife in 1849. He fled to Turkey and then to England.

The sentiments and construction of an excerpt from his speech before the Ohio legislature shows an interesting foreshadowing of some of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

A statue of Kossuth also appears in the U.S Capitol in the vestibule outside the Crypt, leading to the House wing.

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