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Statue / monument of Martin Luther in Washington DC by Sculptor E. Reitschel  Subject: Martin Luther
 Year: 1884
 Sculptor: E. Reitschel
 Location: Thomas Circle
( Massachusetts Ave. & 14th )

Martin Luther (1483-1546) was the leader of the German Reformation, creating a break from Catholicism and the beginning of Protestant Christian religions. He objected to the sale of "indulgences" by the Church (forgiveness of sins in return for donations) and nailed a list of questions for debate to the door of the Church in Wittenburg, Germany.

He was excommunicated by the church and spent the remainder of his life translating the Bible into German. Some of the most enduring Protestant hymns, including "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God", were written by Luther.

The statue is a replica of one appearing in a larger statuary group in Worms, Germany. This statue was erected by the Martin Luther Society of New York in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Luther's birth.

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