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Statue / monument of Baron von Steuben in Washington DC by Sculptor Albert Jaegers  Subject: Baron von Steuben
 Year: 1910
 Sculptor: Albert Jaegers
 Location: Lafayette Park
( H Street & 16th )

Baron von Steuben (1730-1794) served in the army of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, before arriving in the colonies at the time of the Revolutionary War. He trained the colonists in military procedure, tactics, and discipline, although he spoke no English. It is said that the Frenchman Pierre L'Enfant drew pictures of what von Steuben wanted the troops to do, which led to L'Enfant's introduction to Gen. Washington.

After the war, von Steuben became an American citizen and was granted a pension by the Congress. At the rear of the pedestal of the statue appears a medallion with the images of von Steuben's aides-de-camp, William North and Benjamin Walker, to whom he left his property in New York on his death. A replica of the statue was presented to the Emperor of Germany as an acknowledgement of his gift to the United States of a statue of Frederick the Great.

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