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Statue / monument of Alexander Hamilton in Washington DC by Sculptor James Earle Fraser  Subject: Alexander Hamilton
 Year: 1923
 Sculptor: James Earle Fraser
 Location: White House
( E Street & 15th )

Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804) was the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States and lost the presidency to Thomas Jefferson in 1801 by a very close vote in the electoral college. A leading "founding father" representing New Jersey and one of the authors of the Federalist Papers, Hamilton met an untimely end when killed in a duel by Aaron Burr.

A bit of mystery surrounds the statue. At the dedication ceremony, President Harding referred to the donor but kept his/her identity secret. News reports attribute the statue to a veiled woman who was reported to have donated the funds. The donor's name has never been revealed.

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