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Spotlight on Washington DC Movie Guide

One of KittyTours's projects is to build a complete collection of DC movies to help fans of DC movies and other researchers study the cinematic appearances of the Federal City.

We're still seeking a home for the DC Movie Library -- send suggestions to KittyTours@onebox.com (see link below).

In the meantime, we're buying VHS versions of as many DC movies as we can.

How can you help?

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Use KittyTours's link to Amazon.com to buy DC Movies (and anything else Amazon.com offers). KittyTours is an affiliate of Amazon.com and they pay us 5% of your pre-tax pre-shipping expenditures. We pledge to donate all the funds we receive from Amazon.com to the DC Movies Library to be used to purchase DC Movies for the collection. The catch: you have to enter Amazon.com through the KittyTours's link; otherwise we don't get credit for your purchases.

Amazon.com offers a wide variety of movies on video and DVD and guarantees your purchases. They're a good source for DC Movies -- particularly when you search their "used" video collection. (They only pay 2.5% for purchases of used videos, but every little bit helps!) And anything you purchase through Amazon.com -- not just DC Movies -- contributes to our funds as long as you enter Amazon.com through our link.

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Use KittyTour's link to Netflix to rent DVDs by mail. Every time someone joins Netflix through KittyTours's affiliate link, we receive $7. Those funds will also be used to help build the DC Movies collection.

Netflix is a relatively new service which allows you to rent up to three DVDs at a time. The service costs a flat fee of $19.95 per month, charged to a major credit card and you can cancel your enrollment at any time.

How it works: You set up your request list of films you're interested in and they mail them out to you. You can keep the films as long as you want -- no overdue fees! When you're ready to return a DVD, pop it in the postage-paid mailer and drop it in any mailbox. They then send the next film on your request list.

The Netflix catalog of films contains over 13,000 titles. We found and rented 75 DC Movies titles from Netflix and have been very satisfied with their service. If you live in the Washington area, you will be serviced through their facility in Gaithersburg. We've found they have an amazing turn-around time: we recently dropped a film in the mailbox on Monday morning to return and found the next DVD from our request list in our mailbox on Wednesday afternoon! During our first month with Netflix, we rented-and-returned 15 DVDs in 30 days -- giving us an average rental price of $1.33 per flick. It's a great deal for someone who watches a lot of films!

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