A DC Tour Guide's Guide to DC
A DC Tour Guide's Guide to DC
Welcome to the only online resource designed especially for all DC tour guides!
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This section lists major attractions in the DC area with current hours of operation, phone numbers, and websites.

Who Is That Man, Anyway?
KittyTours's own award-winning photographic tour of the statues, monuments and memorials of Washington, DC. Useful for tracking down those statues you've seen a million times without knowing who he/she/it was...
NOTE: This is a free site available directly through www.kittytours.org

Out Of The Many States...
Searchable by State name, this section provides information on various connections between the 50 United States and attractions in the District of Columbia.

Tour Guide Study Guide
This may be the only up-to-date study guide around to help you prepare for the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs's exam for a Class A Tour Guide license. Includes over 700 questions from past exams and a test-yourself DC Trivia Quiz.

DC Photo Quizzes
"You see but you do not observe!" said Sherlock Holmes.
This section includes five multimedia photo quizzes on the sights of Washington, DC, including one that is very similar to the photo exam administered in conjunction with the DC Tour Guide exam in the year 2000.
NOTE: Requires a download of Shockwave 8; instructions included at the site.

Strolling Down Embassy Row
Can you identify the buildings and statues on Massachusetts Avenue on the way to Washington Cathedral? This section provides a colored diagram, including flags and brief descriptions of the statues you see on the way. Can be printed for easy reference.

On This Day...
Every day is an anniversary of something that involves DC. This section provides a date-searchable calendar that tells you what happened on this day and how it connects to an attraction or site in the Washington area.

Getting There
You board the bus, meet your new group, and discover this is your driver's first trip to our Nation's Capitol. No worries...this section provides printable driving directions for getting to and from the major sites in Washington.

I Gotta Go Now!
Don't laugh...one of the most frequent questions tour guides face every day is "Where's the nearest bathroom?" This section provides a guide to the restrooms in major Washington area attractions.

Useful Info, Perks and Tips
Information we've found helpful in touring around DC, including what perks you can take advantage of as a licensed guide.

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